Accessories That Thrill Mikara - DORKA S. Jewelry

Hey Guys! How are you’ll this week?

 I’m doing well, being very productive on some projects and making some changes on my brand. So for this week, we will be talking about rings… women’s rings. Let’s get started, I really enjoyed finding this brand.

My loyal personal client is highly into architecture , she’s so into it, she wanted to start where it. When you think about architecture, what do you think about? When I hear it, I think of shapes, blueprint, structure, modern design. I wanted to grasp a better understanding of it so, I decided to meet up with her to get a better grasp on what she was looking for on wearing architecture accessories. As I was taking notes, it dawned on me to do either earrings or rings - but being she doesn’t too care for dangling earrings, I went with rings.

I found DORKA S. Jewelry via Facebook ad , I fell in love with her advertisements, so simple yet artsy to me. The ring in the ad had this ring showcasing on the women's hand and I immediately said "

she would love this

" . 

I sent her a text with the image and she certainly did love the structure of the ring. So we ordered it and look forward to receiving the ring for her snazzy look :) !

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