#AccessoriesThatThrill Mikara - Loriblu (Part 1)

HEY guys! Its another edition of #AccessoriesThatThrill Mikara - Mens.

This has been a really fun accessory hunt - I had the pleasure of styling a married couple for a business event and they wanted to "semi-match" (as they would call it). So for part 1, I am going to start with the men's accessories and then next week we will do part 2 with the women's. Okay, lets get started with his accessories....

Men's accessories are not extensive as women's accessories but its not to step out the normal as a female stylist and find some cool items. For this client, he has an important speech to present in south Florida that can possibly make or break his future. So while he focuses on his speech, he wanted me to focus on his look - which I was left with very little information... his measurements. But that's okay, his wife informed me they will be "semi-matching" so we had a nice sit down on the direction the couple would like to go for.

We decided to go for a sharp conservative look, black and white with fine details. With the husband giving up minimal details of who will be there at the event, we decided to keep the look tradition yet fashion-forward.

I wanted to pick a brand that had matching sets not only for his look but also for his wife. The brand I went with was Loriblu, which provides a nice selection of footwear and accessories for men and women. Even though this is not advertised as a set, the pattern is a set on a number of items on the men's collection - so I paired the bowtie and shoe together for his look.We are currently waiting for the items to arrive and I wish him the best on his project as well as his look.