#AccessoriesThatThrill Mikara – QP Collections

Welcome to another wonderful week of #AccessoriesThatThrill Mikara, men's edition. Can you believe there's only 3.5 months of 2017?!

I certainly can. I had a very eventful past year getting more involved in my new skill and business - wardrobe styling and blogging. I can honestly say, as I get the hang of things, I am really enjoying them both. Now that I'm back on track with the #AccessoriesThatThrill Mikara, I had to change the last accessory due to the owner but this new item is still vibrant.So lets get started..

Fall is rapidly approaching us ( well some of us), and the male's style are adjusted from their summertime look. Do you ever notice males have one extreme or another? Well for this male client, these last 4 months means serious business for his worklife. He has a lot of meetings to attend along with conventions so he wanted to start preparing his looks now. Since we already started revamping his wardrobe 4 months ago we left the accessories for last. Ties are an essential for his look, but he didn't want to go for the ordinary kind of business ties, so I decided to go left from his usual and this is what we went with..

A very fun yet business-minded tie with magenta, brown and orange colors from QP Collections. The ties is very different from his usual selections and he is looking forward to wearing it to his meeting.