#AccessoriesThatThrill Mikara - The IMAGO-A

Hey! Welcome to Accessories That Thrill Mikara - women's edition.

I've been eyein' a lot of bags and I'm glad this client reached out to me to help her find a new handbag. Once I learned about her esthetics, I narrowed down the brands that I thought would compliment her style...

The Imago-A

NÂș20 Pentatonic Bag

First, I love their branding, very clean and sleek! It allows their product to POP. But back to the accessory - the bags available for this brand take a more sophisticated approach on a women's look, I made this my top choice for my client to look at. Some of the bags have loud colors but simple shapes or neutral colors but distinctive shapes and she feel in love with the options available.

After being in awe with many of the bags, we had to narrow down what she originally wanted the bag for, which was an everyday bag and this is what she picked....

She is a very simple conservative girl, so the first approach for her next handbag is the navy and black handbag, so she can wear everyday. We look forward to receiving the bag and how it turns out with her.