Accessories That Thrill Mikara - Week 1


If you follow me on Instagram ( @MoreMikara ), I have been doing daily posts titled #AccessoriesThatThrill Mikara, due to my obsession for accessories! I come across so many amazing brands and designers, I just want to share these amazing pieces to the world! Why keep them all to myself and my job (as a Personal Stylist/Shopper) is to help people look great... so I decided to create my own hashtag and recap post for everyone to get better acquainted with my selections. So lets get started !

This exotic piece is called the ANTHONY BRACELET, handmade (yes handmade!) by Ronnetta J. Coleman from NJ/NYC. I met her at an event during NY Fashion Week and I immediately feel in love with her work when I walked in the venue. I could tell she was inspired by Egypt royalty since I study abroad there and when she told me about her inspiration she was inspired by Egyptian royalty. I love a good accessory that pulls a different character out of me, and I feel like this particular bracelet made me want to wear it with a certain confidence.


Retail Price $85.00

If you are interested in this designer please check out RONNETTA J. COLEMAN  website.

Fellas, if you thought I wasn't thinking about you, I def got you too ! I have been building my men clientele, and I must say it is fun informing them on how to play around with men's accessories. For this selection, I love a guy in a great tailored sports jacket with a spunky pocket square. If you are a simple kind of guy, wearing a sports jackets with a v-neck or crew neck tee and add on a dapper pocket square, like Ubiquitous Style's Large Black Floral Pocket Square ! I really like this print for any type of guy; its fun yet its not too loud for you to wear it more than once.


Retail Price $12.99

SKU 683405372066

100% organic cotton


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Gold ..... Gold jewelry is so amazing on and I just couldn't get enough of it this week (if you haven't noticed) I came across this product, while I was looking for brass earrings for a client during the summertime for a photoshoot. I truly do not think this image does not serve this product unique-ness enough vs having it in person. If you are able to purchase HavanaFlamingo's Ethnic hammered Brass ring and Gypsy earrings. It is truly a beauty of art ! The jewelry does have a bit of weight to it then costume jewelry, but it is made out of real brass.