Accessories That Thrill Mikara - Week 10

Here we are... week 10 of #AccessoriesThatThrill Mikara #thepersonalstylist. I looked back at the accessories from previous post and boy were there a wide range of accessories for men and women. If you're just tuning in this post; I post #AccessoriesThatThrill for men and women every Tuesdays & Thursdays on my IG (@MoreMikara) and on Monday I recap on the blog. I let YOU, vote on what was your favorite and share who was the favorite on my IG. Lets get to the accessories talk!

I said this on my IG, but I love my clients' that keep up with my post. If you have been following me from the beginning, I had this brand on my post on week 4 and my client was reading on his own and looked through the brand's product and feel in love with this bag.  I love this bag as well and would wear it on my personal shopping excursions. He did alter the colors since these color are a bit too much for his taste, so I assisted him on colors (out of the brand's color options) that what compliment his lifestyle. I'm glad #AccessoriesThatThrill post has been useful and looking forward to more of my clients finding this useful if I'm not available.

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Retail Price: $175

Dimensions: 13,7 x 17, 7x5,5 in

Color options: Green, Dark Green,Black, Blue, Cognac, Yellow & Marsala.

Someone recently asked where did I get my gold armbands and I had to think for a second - do I have any?! And I do (LOL - I have so many accessories it takes me a second to recognize what I have) - I bought this from an accessory brand named ABA Jewels by Aja. I met her in Miami through a mutual friend for a project I was doing and now she has ventured into building her brand on handmade, stainless steel accessories. I so happen to purchased  one of her signature piece, which is the gold arm band that is adjustable to fit your arm - she uses the ball chain. I'm not really into armbands that much but wearing this simple and chic piece is very easy and timeless to wear when I do wear it.

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Retail Price: $25.00

Size: XS, S, M, L

Oxfords - you can never go wrong wearing these shoes - male or female. These in particular are unconventional yet fun kind of Oxfords. I really love this pair because you could wear them with denim or with a flirty skirt and still pull them off. Anyone need to spice up their Oxford section?! I would suggest going with this brand, Julia Bo Shoes - her brand caters to Oxford Shoe-wearer - so have fun looking at her site.

Retail price: $115

So, I just had a close male friend of mine pass the bar exam and has expressed to me he wanted to expand his watch collection - casual and luxury watches awhile ago. With my good memory, I started my mission on finding a unique watch with a light edge to his casual wear and this is what I came across ! I LOVE the face - it so striking. If you haven't noticed I love geometry shapes or abstract - it will grab my attention from whatever I am doing. There are a variety of color options for the face and band - but I know he is very conservative so I know this color concept will fit him WELL.

If want to view more of this brand's timepieces, check outMistura

Retail Price:$189

  • Warranty: 5-year limited.
  • Face Size: L: 34mm X W: 36mm
  • Band Size: L: 24mm X W: 246mm

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