Accessories That Thrill Mikara - Week 11


Retail Price: $51.48

Handmade: Stainless Brass

So, now that I have relocated but my client has been well squared away on his wardrobe; he contacted me on some cufflinks. He didn't want any old cufflinks he need to have an expensive look since he has more investors interested in his project - and had no budget. I tried out Tiffany & Co. Schlumberger® Olive Cuff Links. This brand is known for the women's jewelry for quiet some time, so I wanted to test it out (well my client test it out) and see the feedback for it. I browsed through and saw quiet a few lovely cufflinks that attracted me and I'm sure he would love them since he has developed a trust in my styling taste. I narrowed down to three so the other wont overwhelm him and I kind of figured he would like this blue since he always leans towards blue as a safety net. I actually agree on this one, its very classy and elegant ; he will be able to wear it now and when he's 50 years old and still look fashion-forward.

Retail Price: $3,800

Details: 18k gold with blue enamel

CHOKER Season ! I'm a little late on the choker fade but this lovely thing to the left of me - captured my eyes immediately via Instagram. I had been following her for some time, she has some beautiful handmade one pieces that I see myself in and she also make custom clothing as well. But when I seen this number a month a go - I think she had it on I didn't pay no attention to the wardrobe my eyes darted straight to the accessories (duh I'm an accessory addict) and was in love with it ever since. I did order this Charming Gold Choker and I need to check my PO Box to pick up - its been a crazy week since I moved back to Miami and this have been happening. But anyways, I'm SUPER excited to wear it and show you guys how I wear it and share it with you guys! :)


Retail Price: $35.00

Tie Clip anyone?! As we exit the summer time (well for some parts of the world) gifting starts to pick up again. A friend of mine reached out to me and needed help on purchasing a tie clip for an old man; so it need to have a special look to it. Wasn't sure wear she was going with "special" but I went with the flow. I let it sit for a while and I think she meant timeless instead of special. So I did my research and I found this tie clip, Tension Tie Clip by Eddie Borgo.

And I hit the nail right on the head when I showed her this option. She instantly loved and ordered it immediately. I'm glad this wasn't a different task - but I didn't mind looking she has gone great measures for me.

Retail Price: $200

Which brand's accessory is your favorite for week 11?

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