Accessories That Thrill Mikara - Week 14

YASSSSSSS! Its week 14 of #AccessoriesThatThrill Mikara #thepersonalstylist. If you have been a follower on Instagram, (@MoreMikara) you know the deal, for those that don't - I post unique accessories and share my stories about them on Monday's recap post. I love my accessories, and sharing what I find is very exciting to me. Hope you enjoy and like... lets get to the accessory talk…

Beauty - is what I see and I'm sure the picture did not do much capturing as what it really is in person. I am preparing for a photoshoot and I need to start seeking out some AMAZING pieces; and I came across this site with Emma Holland Denvir collection. All of her pieces are beautifully executed but this one particular piece the Walnut Bangle is well suited for the shoot's theme. Can NOT wait until I pull this beauty out at the shoot (and for it to be used hopefully). I love it, I can see myself wearing this item in many different styles. And I also saw a piece she posted on her IG, that I am plotting on coppin' when she puts on the site (my eyes are watching Emma).

Retail Price: $255.00

My male client is just so sad I am no longer in Texas, but I told him, well look on the brighter side, you have many forms of communication to keep in touch with me and you takes FULL advantage of that - so then he chuckles and ask me for the next challenging item that I don't get too much inquiry about... a watch case. WHERE DOES THIS GUY COME UP WITH THESE THOUGHTS lol. But I am actually happy he did - he is an avid watch collector, wearer and he's trying to maintain the organization system I had started him out while I was in Texas. So he let me know his watches are starting to look cluttered and he needs something to de-clutter that space. With me knowing how his spacing is and his lifestyle, it took me a couple of days to figure things out. I had a very "AHHHHAAAAAA" moment, he switches his watches like I switch my earrings throughout the day, so first I thought of him having a carrying case for him to have in the car or bag etc. This would better organize him and be more convenient for his lifestyle. I showed him the item and he just lost it... in a good way. I don't know how I ran into this item but THANK YOU Wolf for creating the Blake Watch Roll - I'm glad I found it, I think it's an item that can be useful for male or female for all ages.

Retail Price: $89.00

Material: Black Teju lizard embossed leather, grey ultra suede

Storage: 6.5" (165mm) watch roll suitable for approximately 3 watches

Another item I am seeking for a photoshoot, I came across this drama piece by Gabriela Mora Jewelry. This necklace will leave a great statement on any model that is selected for the shoot. I love the look of it but it also looks like a visor hat to me and I think I may create that illusion for the shoot. We'll see when it arrives.

Retail Prices: $780.00

Details: Two colors (Golden-Silver, Ruthenium-Silver, Ruthenium-Gold) 18 Kt Bronze. Size and fit: Circle 10,5 cm diameter with of opening 6 cm, embellishment Cylinder 6-4 mm length 3 cm, total length 5 cm.

I had a special request via IG about males who carry briefcases - so I fulfilled it. This post is dedicated to all the males who carry briefcases in your everyday style, I found this accessory for you! I LOVEEEE the color, detailing of it and the quality of the bag - the leather looks AMAZING! I feel like any male can pull this Le Feuillet Briefcase off ; whether you are in streetwear, business wear , whatever, this color and bag would elevate you in the most sophisticated way possible.

Retail Price $600.00

Made in France.

Full grain calfskin leather.

Details: 15.3 inches (H) x 11.02 inches (L) x 3.34 inches (W). Retractable lateral handle, 1 padded computer compartment, 2 inside pockets, pen pocket. Cotton, suede and leather interior lining, water-repellent, matte touch.

Which brand's accessory is your favorite for week 14?

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