Accessories That Thrill Mikara - Week 15

Here we are! Another wonderful week of #AccesorriesThatThrill Mikara #thepersonalstylist. I'm so glad I am here at week 15, still sharing my obsessions and great finds with you guys and my clients. If you have been following me on IG (@moreMikara) I post new #AccessoriesThatThrill on Tuesday's and Thursday's , recap on Monday's and announce the favorites on Friday's . Let's get the talkin' about accessories!

I am still browsing through designers for this photoshoot I am preparing for in October. I stumble across this beauty and fell in love with it. Its a little off from the theme we are doing but, HEY the spontaneous looks are usually the ones that work out the best !

Devon Kite

Retail Price: $3,995.00

  • Dimensions: H 4.0 Inches x W 8.5 Inches x L 8.5 Inches

My male client is in a wedding and of course all the groomsmen have to look alike, but he's so wants to do him for the reception he called me up and asked "What the hell can I do to set myself apart from the other groomsmen without it being so obvious?" I had to think for a second and told him to give me 24 hours with the answer; you I did. I took a run around my neighborhood and when I saw these two men coming out of the store, guess who I paid more attention to? The male wear the accessory; he had on a classic cufflink that set a more distinctive look from the other gentlemen next to him and I said to myself "BINGO!" Called my client up and advised him cufflinks, no need to change outfit, hair do, shoes, through these bad boys on and women will notice that you took that extra step to look different. He agreed and had no worries since we built so much trust between each other. I found this wonderful pieces, I think will compliment the look.

Dominion Cufflinks

Retail Price: $250

Dimensions: H 4.0 Centimeters x W 15.0 Centimeters x L 15.0 Centimeters

I am not really a big ring wearer but I have been in the mood of altering my look and adding a couple of elements, so I decided to look for some rings. I think this ring can be worn by a male or woman ; it give me an architecture feel that attracts to both men and women. I looked at  Lattice Square Cocktail Ring by Ona Chan Jewelry and felt it wont be too much going when I wear my over the top earrings. I look forward to this arrival and sharing it with you!

Retail Prove $175.00

  • Dimensions: H 1.5 Centimeters x W 2.5 Centimeters x L 2.5 Centimeters
  • Materials: 925 Silver with Gold, Rose Gold or Rhodium plate using natural stones

Its 4th quarter of the year - and the events are starting to kick in ! I inquired by a new client, for a unique pocket square  for an event he was going to but he wanted to match with his date. His date had a nice yet interesting cranberry colored dress. We're not past Halloween yet so no too much red will be in store yet (since I have experience in working in retail), thr red merchandise doesn't start coming in until a couple of weeks before Thanksgiving. I stumble across this lovely pocket square, Xavier Set Chameleon Bow Tie and Lapel by DidiArtCorner. Wasn't sure if he was open to using the lapel but it was a great combo to add more flare to the look. If this didn't meet his satisfaction I would have gone with a more solid color that complimented his date's dress but he did approve this lovely set and did browse through the site and liked what they had to offer.

Retail Price: $36.00


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