Accessories That Thrill Mikara - Week 17

Are you accessorized yet?! Lol, we are on week #17 of #AccessoriesThatThrill Mikara #thepersonalstylist- and I couldnt be happier then sharing it with you guys on my site and IG. Are you ready for me to get to the accessories? Here goes..

Weekend bag - how many of you own a weekend bag? If you do, is it a chic one?! I though about it as I was organizing my storage and closet - and said to myself, I think I should start investing in a weekend bag for all my random trips. Its surprising to me that I don't have one out of all the random ass trips I've made in my life. Welp, I ordered this wonderful bag (wish they had my fav color as an option- green) as I enter a more orderly life than my earlier 20's . I can't remember what the heck I was packing my clothes but the past is the past, and fab future - here I come. Looking forward to sporting my Sienna Red Pyramid Weekender Bag by Rising Tide Fair Trade

Retail Price: $198.00

My beloved yet consistent male client is so into his fashion, I am super proud of him on his stylish journey. He asked me about a nice ring to put on his finger, something that is not too gaudy, but distinctive. I really didn't fine this one to be too crazy or out the window, since we have built a sense of each other and trust, I did my homework and had no problem finding this accessory for him. Even though the title of this ring is Interior Sapphires Men's Notched Wedding Band, he will be dumming it down to his lifestyle.


Retail Price: $1,100

Size option: 8,9,10,11,12

I have been researching my inner "punk rock girl" since I am not a big nose ring girl. I found this nose ring on Tawapa's website since I fell in love with there gold choker worn by Coco & Breezy and Skai Jackson. They have some really cool, tribal looking nose rings that I would experiment with in regards to changing up my look for the weekend. We'll see how the accessory will play out during the shoot....

Retail Price: $149.00

When I came back to Miami, FL, I have been networking at some industry parties and I kept hearing this brands name a lot. I wasn't aware of his work but I started to do some research on his work. I didn't thoroughly look through but when I started browsing through brands I needed to get for this magazine submission, I told myself to look at his merchandise more thoroughly, and boy did I enjoy it! Once I reached out to him, they were honored to work with me and pick the items I would like to use. The Hugo 83 looks great online but I think seeing this is person made me fall in love with it even more. i didn't notice the texture was partially denim until I saw it in his store. These are men shoes but ladies you can wear this shoe as well. I'm super excited on using it in the shoot. Can't wait to see the final result :) ..

Which brand's accessory is your favorite for week 17?