Accessories That Thrill Mikara - Week 2

Hey Y'all !! I hope you had a wonderful week! I def did... this week I have selected four accessories that thrill ME - two women's accessories and two men's accessories. If you're just tuning in this weeks recap, I post images on my Instagram (@MoreMikara),  of brands/designers' accessories that grabs my attention since I have such a HUGE obsession for accessories. Are you ready for me for the accessories?! Lets get started…

Have a dull outfit, but want to add color in the most sophisticated way? Here's a fine statement that is hand-wrapped in cotton crochet over mold to give the necklace a nice form around your neck.

I truly respect the artistry of the necklace, craftsmanship and as a new fan. After looking through her collection, I think she has a very becoming future with the line. Take a look at her statement necklace, particularly Agatha Statement Necklace.

Retail Price: $55.00

20" (51cm) contour

Adjustable neck shape

2" at the widest part

I love this little character ! It brings character for the gentlemen that would wear this, Burgundy Piped Flower Lapel Pin from  It brings a different fun-ness then your traditional Lapel pin every guy is use to. If my client asked to go for a different Lapel Pin look, I would suggest this one - and they offer 10 different colors.  If you want to know more about this product of brand, check out

Retail Price: $10.00

Dimensions: 4.25'' x 4.25''

Material: Velvet

Item: #TS239732


These Men's Shoes Are D-O-P-E ! Its like a settle chic-ness to me, but can be worn by any type of guy; if you are a stylish guy or just a plain Joe - it still will look great with a lot or a little effort. I brought this to my client's attention when I found this brand and he was totally into the shoe, and the colors.

When I looked more into the brand's site, the shoes and colors is a wide range for men to pick from. So be alarmed when you check them out.

Check out more of men's shoes at Peppe Shoes

Retail Price: $143.53

Size Available: US 7 - US 12

Color: brown, gray, black

Upper / Interior / insole: Leather

Which brand's accessory is your favorite for week 2?

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