Accessories That Thrill Mikara - Week 21

Hey there! Welcome to week 21 of #Accessories that thrill Mikara #thepersonalstylist. For this week, I did step put of the element since it was Halloween, I had some last minute clients to dress up. So I thought sharing them with you would be cool, so lets get started:

I've been on the move a lot and trying to build my network, and I so happen met a makeup artist that needed some assistance on her look for Halloween. She didn't need much, in my opinion but we still developed a concept for what she was going for. She wanted to do her makeup a certain way but could not find an appropriate mask that would showcase it. The rest of her outfits was very simple since she wanted the focus to be on her mask/makeup. After she showed me the makeup look she was going for, it gave me an idea of finding a clear mask for her Halloween party. I browsed through some Halloween stores, but a lot of them wear looking cheesy and I did not want to give that impression so I kept looking else where. Since I am looking for amazing accessories for a beauty editorial, I stumbled across this brand, Max Steiner Design, who's expertise is avante grande mask. I was so in awe in a lot of his products, I almost forgot to see if any of his designs fit for my client's Halloween outfit. And a couple did, there were very few selections of clear masks, but this one worked out perfect since it doesn't cover the whole face. She was very satisfied with the idea and selection. I'm glad it panned out successfully.

Retail Price: $280

Hand formed laser cut and painted mask.

He wanted to stay calm, cool and collective for his job Halloween party, and I let him but in a stylish way. This client of mine wanted to keep things very modest for his job's Halloween party he was attending and I certainly made sure of that with this client look. I had this brand in my Rolodex for a while and I'm glad I was able to put it to use this year. This client was a vampire (an easy go-to look but HEY we made it distinctive) , so the colors were very dark and mystic with a touch of blood, well-groomed hair and this fine Camel Teardrop hat by QP Collections. He LOVED the look and has continued to wear the hat ever since, and has informed me, I have unleashed a new hat fetish, LOL. I'm glad he found his new element, that's what I'm here for especially since your talking to the Accessory Guru! :)

Retail Price: $163.00

Handcrafted 100% virgin wool hat


  • S = 7 1/8 M = 7 1/4
  • L = 7 1/2 XL = 7 5/8

This client, I was dressing his for his travel - so this is not for Halloween. He was going to a cold country so he needed a couple of items to complete the image he wanted to portray for his company. One of the items I wanted to share with you were these two toned Deerskin leather gloves with cashmere lining by Pineider. You can wear whatever color and these gloves will still serve its purpose.... being the "IT" factor of your look. This male client is a spiffy dresser, but I did notice that he keeps his color neutral and not afraid of print and different textures - which was very refreshing to me . He's scheduled to leave for his business trip at the end of November, so I am excited to see how things turn out and the response of his new look.

Retail Price: $294.00

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