Accessories That Thrill Mikara - Week 24

I am so glad we made it to the wonderful week of 24 for #AccessoriesThaThrill Mikara #thepersonalstylist. We are slowly approaching the end of 2016 and I think I want to do a great recap of my top favorites and would love to hear what your favs were. I'm ready to get into this week's accessories, so lets get STARTED!

Now that Thanksgiving is over, we are less than 30 days away from the last parties of 2016. I've already started to get inquiries on dressing clients for Christmas parties and New Years parties - which I think is my most enjoyable holiday to dress, so dressing them will be second nature to me, My female client, is very big on bags/clutch and she has a wide variety that seems to continue to grow. I can't really say much because I have an earring/accessory addiction that continues to grow as well. We came to a plan of her look, which is a simple black dress with a very flashy clutch and some red shoes. I thought to myself, I think I want to give her a very different bag - for her  that will make her look POP. I started to do some research on IG, and really didn't find much, then I went to the internet and I ran across the brand Jill Haber. This brand is focused on evening clutch, which is a plus for my client because she may find something else to add to her collection. Out of the selections from Jill Haber, I thought this would be best for the black dress that was purchased and the shoes she is going for. I'm excited for this clutch to come in and for her to sport this look.

Retail Price: $995.00

I may be living in Miami, FL (at the present moment), but I am very in tuned to the weather in the Northeast due to NJ being my first home. I have a cliens traveling to NY for some business meeting and checked the weather to see what its like in December. The weather hasn't been that bad but it can be cold to someone that isn't use to that weather so I'd rather be safe than having my client sorry he hired me. Out of all of the items we planned for, I was to share these Men's suede boots by RangoliCollection. With my client's stye and major concern on being comfortable, I tried looking through some comtemprary stores but they were not working out so well. So I started to research some brands and I have found this wonderful new brand catering to men's footwear Rangoli Collection. He did order a couple of other selections for his day-to-day look. I'm glad he found this brand useful for his lifestyle.

Retail Price: $189.99

Rinnnnnnggggggsssssss ! I'm not a big ring wearer but when I want something I will make it work. I don't have much rings in my accessory collection so I thought about looking for some, just to add a different element in my look. I found this brand Louise Manna's  Cascade Four-Piece Ring . I think this midi ring style fits my look more accordingly than a standard style ring because I like things a little off from the standards. I don't know what is it but I like things that are not your norm in a sense and it flatteres my look that I have going on. Super excited to get the rings and wear it.

Retail Price: $220.00

How can you ever go wrong when wearing a cufflink? In my eye's you can't. This is the simplest accessories to start with, if you are a male in the business industry or just a dress up enthusiast. For this client, he wanted to add a simple element to his look without the item screaming "I'M HERE" obnoxiously . The Lanvin Gunmetal Tone Sodalite Cufflinks , goes very well with his wardrobe selection;  he should not have any problems on pairing this with an outfit, He decided to start out with three cufflinks , and I insistent for him to get three individual styles. This one I shared with you is the "casual one", the easy go-to cuff link that is neutral to wear with whatever.

Retail Price: $270.00