Accessories That Thrill Mikara - Week 27

I know I have been on and off with my infamous #AccessoriesThatThrill Mikara in 2017 due to a lot on things arising for me - I kind of get in my zone to product a great job in everything I do. But off of that, I'm glad I am back with some accessories, lets get the talking about these accessories...

Sollis Jewerlly

I had an accessory in mind to post for the week of Valentine's Day but since I was up 2 AM on my Instagram, I stumbled across this brand and thought I needed to share this brand. I really like the aesthetics of this brand and in my opinion , I think it's a great accessory to pair up with black clothes - if you are a avid all black wearer . The collections on the website, def gave me a lot excitement , and this one particular piece I think it a fun piece for women to wear whenever and how ever they want.

The website, I def love especially the landing page (since I've been getting into branding) - it def grabbed my attention with the prints, colors and visual presentation for the brand. It def got me excited on seeing the other collections this brand has to offer. When I saw earrings on that drop down menu under SHOP, you know that was the first thing I had to go to and view (you should know I'm obsessed with earrings and if you don't know NOW you know!). Other accessory they have on the site is clutch bags, bracelets and an array of statement necklaces. Necklaces are their staples.



Edward Armah

I met a representative from this brand while roaming the streets of NYC during Fashion Week and as we were having a great conversation I was also in awe with is pocket square. I am def a sucker for a great suit and a vibrant pocket square. This wasn't the exact pocket square the representative was wearing but it looks similar to the one I selected but his had diamond shapes instead of the circle shapes.

As I look through the site, I think this brand has a lot of great pieces (I low key think that would be my accessory if I was a male ) that set a gentlemen apart. This brand carries men's: pocket squares, bowties, boutonnières , pocket circles, bowties, scarves, braces, key fobs, beanies, the brand designer wallet, umbrellas, and hats. I would love to work with this brand on a future endeavors such as a lookbook or editorial, I truly working with men's brands and want to collaborate with more men's brands.


Thank you guys for being patient and viewing my post for #AccessoriesThatThrill Mikara. Stay tuned for more accessories every Tuesday’s and Thursday’s by following me via IG @MoreMikara.