Accessories That Thrill Mikara - Week 28

Welcome to week 28 of #AccessoriesThatThrill Mikara ! For this week, I had to combine two more post since I started week 28 on Feb 14th and did not finish and then started over again on the 21, so what the hell... let's begin our accessory chat:

Yestadt Millinery


I'm so glad I came across this client during my NYFW style special. It's been a normal cold season in the NR region of USA, but this doesn't stop us from looking our flyness especially during New York Fashion Week. The weather was nice one day but then it decided to get cold and  then snow the next day - I def was not a happy camper but I had to do what I had to do.  My client wanted me to put together a look for her since she was interviewing people during NYFW. We wasn't sure if she was interviewing outside or inside so to play it safe, I created a look with a hat associated with the look. But I didn't want it to be an ordinary hat, I wanted to get a hat with a funky look.   


For the selection, I picked Yestadt Millinery's Zina Leopard Beret; it has beautiful gold embellishments that give a great accent to the hat. If my client is going to be outside (which she was) and layered up, this wonderful accessory give her a great warm and chic look that began a lot of conversation. I loved her overall look and I feel like I need to purchase the hat for my own infatuation lol!


Stormey Kromer


Boy, when you are born in a cold region like NJ/NY/Canada etc, I feel like there's certain kind of stamina in fashion/style you need to carry when you dress - being cold and fly is not easy  and for for this next client I needed to make his look as comfortable and warm as possible. I had never been to London during the winter season but, the weather in different countries have a different feel to it then America.


This was my client's first time in London and he's going for London's Fashion Week; he's also heard of the weather being different from America so he did not want to take any chance of being sick or trying to be cute in the cold. With my background of traveling to different places and born and raised in NJ, I know how to transition into places very easy. Looking at his wardrobe , his staple is a cap hat. This was his comfort zone and I wanted to make sure to keep him comfortable and stylish.With the Original Stormy Kromer hat, was a similar look to his regular look but with a better coverage of keeping him warm. I hope he enjoys his trip to London and keeps warm in his new hat edition.





I've been going through my bag collection in my storage and thought to myself , I need to revive some new cross body bags and have a better selection. When I came across this brand, @TruFaceByGrace via IG, it instantly made me think of my trip to Africa.

When I went to Ghana in 2012 for a study abroad program, I purchased a wooden crossbody bag something like this but it was made of all wood and I never got a chance to wear it - so this made me flash back to the time of me purchasing this bag. I envision a lot of looks for me to wear this bag. Thinking about getting this Sika Ankara Print and Bamboo Bag and hopefully you can view the look on my Instagram.




Beside a man all dressed up with a great pocket square, I can absolutely appreciate a man with a great wallet/card holder. I don't know what it is, but it just heightens their style for me and it also lets me know they care about details that are not obvious. My oh so loyal client wanted to step his back pocket game up, and this is a strong area for me to find because I always have an eye for male's wallet/cardholders but don't know who's interested in them - and he came through! So I enlightened him with this Emboss 3D Card Holder by THEIKONA.

The reason why I selected this one for my client, because he wanted to start out with a wallet that he could wear everyday and goes well with what he's wear if he's dressed up or dressed down. Brown is a great default color but being that this is new to him, I'd rather him be safe with black.


Anita Quansah London


If I haven't rubbed off you with the earring effect , I certainly have with one of my dear client! She finally wanted to take a big risk on looking fabulous for a "girls night out " outting and BOY was I proud of HER! She called me up and wanted to meet with me - but urgently... I thought something was wrong but when we met up she had a big smile on her face and she kind of threw me in for a loop. She gave me a date and said "Mikara, I need some Mikara-esq earrings for my girls night out". My eyes widen and said YES! glad I rubbed off on someone - let's make you fabulous in some EARRINGS! I didn't want to be too over the top since I knew her accessory collection is very conservative.

The first color that popped in my head was blue/turquoise since that would compliment her eyes , the next step to figure out her earring was knowing what she was wearing. She's not really a jean wearer and I had a strong feeling she was going to wear all black or black and navy to let the accessory be the main focus (which is fine) and she did have an all black dress with green accent so that gave me a green light on the option of earrings with blue/turquoise in them. I came across this London brand, Anita Quansah London, which always has bold statement pieces. She loved them but was very nerve on how it would look on her. I provided her an example of my earring that is blue along side her face and she started to see what I was envisioning and then had more ease on her look. We are looking forward to final look and I would love to get the phone call on how she felt for her girls night out.



David Yurman


Black accessories doesn't always come off attract to a lot of people. So I had to show my client an elegant piece to let him know, there are fashion forward black accessories out there. Being that, this is for a wedding - I needed to provide him a lavish yet mature accessory. He is a super clean cut style kind of guy - no tie, no pocket square but that wrist action is def poppin whether its a watch or a cufflink and the cufflink was the go to item .

The suit he is wear is grey but has black pinstripe and the cufflinks I selected would compliment the suit and of course answer his questions on finding a great black quality accessory.
Thank you for stopping by any viewing my post, #AccessoriesThatThrill Mikara week 28. I hope you enjoyed the items I have shard with you, stay tuned for next week's selections via IG @MoreMikara .