Accessories That Thrill Mikara -Week 29

Hey !! Glad to be back for week 29 of #AccessoriesThatThrill Mikara, I had a lot of fun this week sharing the accessories since I've been styling a couple and preparing a client for a date. Lets get started on the recap for last weeks selections:



Heels have not been my thing, I have a few pair but I'd rather wear sneakers or scandals any day. This fun fact  gravitated a connection with me and a new client as I was establishing her style background.  When I went through her closet after the consultation, I spotted her large footwear collection (which happen to all look very similar to one another). I wanted to start with an accessory she enjoys which was footwear.

FEIT came to mine, since I spotted this brand via Instagram. Their selection on their site fits her persona - not too flamboyant but neutral for you to dress up or down the shoe. I am def waiting for this shoe arrival, I feel like I am going to end up purchasing these shoes since I need cute-ness and comfort during long days onset.





He finally got her attention.... NOW WHAT ?! My client bombs up my phone for some styling attention. It was brought to my attention that he has been admiring and lusting over a woman for some months now and whatever he said finally made her give him a chance. So I had to give his look some mercy (I'm rooting for him to win!), and what item can I do to pull his look to the next level while maintaining his ultra cool guy persona..... shoes !



His confidence level is a bit on the timid/nice guy vibes, and stays away from bright colors which is okay, we still have patterns and textures to play with and still makes a difference when you're trying to impress a woman (because we notice everything). He has been looking at a lot magazine, ads and IG pages regarding shoes so what better way to get into something , is diving right into. I immediately knew I wanted to play around with greys, army green and brown since he has a beautiful golden complexion and it would compliment him with very little effort. With the shoe as the last addition to the look, I have decided to on QÜERO Shoes, he can wear this to dress down or up if needed. I'm hoping things go GREAT and I'm sure I'll be hearing about it shortly.





Are we throwin shade to these other states since its always sunny in Florida? Well if we aren't, I know my wonderful new client is. The sun is always out and about in Florida so having sunglasses , FLY sunglasses are an essential tool. My youngest client wanted to step her style game up since her intern turned into her job. She felt very motivated by the employees in the office and clients in the meetings, she wanted to hire a personal stylist and fashion mentor. She found me via BOCA Magazine and decided to reach out. After mapping out what she has and things she needs, I wanted her to start out with an accessory (she works in the construction industry so she is outside a lot), sunglasses, but not just your regular cat eye sunglasses or aviators type..

 We started with was TNEMNRODA 's Simply Happy; when I saw these frames I thought to myself this would suit her so well and I felt this should be her first per of shade, but I wanted to give her the freedom on selecting the shades. As we narrow down the final three, she started to see my vision on these frames for her. I truly hopes she loves these shades and looking forward to her response once we receive them.





A couple of days after my youngest client has selected her Simply Happy sunglasses, her boyfriend contacts me wanting me to help him with sunglasses. Guys need to match their girls fly too right?! I love it, he wants to match his girl's fly and I couldn't deny the inquiry.With him, he knew what color flatters him and gave me a better guide of what I should be looking for. I asked him if he was interested in the leopard (some men are not a fan of wearing leopard print) and he was open and felt he could trust me since I made an excite selection with his girlfriend.


He is a chocolate man, so I know for a fact, these will look GREAT for him and will be on the same level of fly-ness with his girl. I look forward to styling them on date nights and any other future styling ventures.

Thank you for stopping by any viewing my post, #AccessoriesThatThrill Mikara week 29. I hope you enjoyed the items I have shard with you, stay tuned for next week’s selections via IG @MoreMikara .