Accessories That Thrill Mikara - Week 30

Hello! Welcome to week 30 recap of Accessories That Thrill , I really enjoyed this week's accessories since there were some different stories behind finding each accessory. If you haven't been following me on my Instagram (@MoreMikara) , lets get started on why the selections...



When a girl needs to spice up her look in the bedroom or wants to get there sexy on, I have always been the friend or girl that knows how to push that envelope and stir some imagination for man. I pay attention a lot to details and am very in tuned with my sensuality , I have developed a keen sense of oozing sexiness with very little efforts. This client has been following my work for a while but was not sure when to reach out to me, but once she noticed she was in a little trouble with her relationship , she reached out to me.


She informed on of the situation she was going through and things she has admitted of not doing as a woman - which I commend her for it and knew immediately what to do. While search for a cute accessory to compliment her figure. Going the lingerie route would be typical and the standard route - so I wanted to elevate it by going with Jewel Drip's CRYSTAL GARTER so she can always spice it up with the lingerie under it whenever she wanted to. I hope things rekindle to a better space for the two of them.



Most guys like to keep things minimal, but this client really likes to keep things simple and straightforward especially when it comes to money. Not sure if you remember the client I had for week 20 #AccessoriesThatThrill recap, where I just met him and was trying to figure out an accessory to replace a wallet. Well he's back, and inquired about silver money clips.


He still uses the money clip but wants to build on to his collection. With the 5 selections we went with, I picked the Men's Stainless Steel Cable Wire Money Clip Holder as his everyday / casual wear money clip. This will be a nice transition if he need to go from day to night without it looking to gaudy or ordinary.

 NC Rocks


Wedding season is rapidly coming ... and I have been creating some great concepts for a newly engaged that is scheduled to get married in August. The soon to be bride wanted to do something ultra special for her Maid of Honor since they have been friends since 3 years old. She wanted to propose to her best friend to be her Maid of Honor, since her best friend has helped make her get through tough times throughout her life.


The color theme for the wedding is a raspberry color so, the ring need to be in sync with the color theme. This is not a popular color to find but thankfully I came across NC Rocks' Sparta collection we found two ring options. We are currently trying to narrow down which ring - and cant decide at the moment .... we need to make a decision very SOON.

Brizard & Co.

On the groom side of things , the grooms will be getting cigar holders from the brand @brizardandco . The groom and his friends met in college and have formed a cigar group in their mid 20's.


I can't remember where I was first introduced to this brand at but I'm glad I looked from the rolodex of contacts and browsed through this store and thought this would be a clever concept for this groomsmen, The "Show Band" 3 Cigar Case by Brizard & Co. The best man is going to have a different one from the other 4 males , and we are still negotiating whats going to be done.
Thanks so much for tuning in week 30 of #AccessoriesThatThrill Mikara. If you would like to keep up with the newest accessories, tune into my IG @MoreMikara every Tuesday's and Thursday's for the new post. Until next time


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