#AccessoriesThatThrill Mikara - Week 31


Welcome back to week #31 of #Accessories That Thrill Mikara - I've had some interested inquiries this go 'round but it made me think more outside the box. Thanks to my clients, lets get started on those accessories...


Another hat day on any lovely day but that never eliminates the option of wearing a fly hat whenever right ? Having options are great especially for a female that likes to switch up her look on a daily basis. For this particular client, her thing was wearing hats! She wore her hair simple , a clean slicked back with a hat over it. The hats she has apart of her collection were getting tiresome for her so,we decided to go a different route on her next hat selection.

We instantly feel in love with this hat and the color since its not a familiar shape for the texture of the hat. This brand has a lot of great options if you are a hat enthusiast - you will stand out from the rest.

Think Positive by Antonio Marsocci

Everybody has a staple piece that makes their look them... for instance mine is flamboyant or vintage earrings, the last accessory was a hat - you get the idea. For this male client, we wanted to give him a new mature bracelet that still gave him a fashion statement.He's not much into fashion and still kind of identifying himself so I didn't want to go overboard on an accessory.

After going through his closet and actually revamping his look, I suggested the Think Positive by Antonio Marsocci. Its a very simple piece for him to wear whenever he feels like it and if he wants to graduate onto another accessory, it wont be a problem.


Being drunk can be un-fly at times ( I def know the look and feeling LOL) but having a fly flask can add a certain spunk to your demeanor. My client has a certain flare about him and he knows it, but when he's getting a couple of drinks, flare-ness goes away.

I'm familiar with the flask scene since I had an alcoholic family member and they stayed with one on hand. It popped in my mind when I was listening to him but I wasn't sure if anyone made them look so stylish. And I'm glad I came across this brand but he bought all three!

Marbella Paris

Sometimes a girl wants to bling out their ears without being ostentatious. I get that because I'm not always wear over the top earrings. But this client does like bling and sparkle. She's not really into the chandelier earrings - so I needed to brainstorm another look for her.

The Earcuff! Where was mind ... ear cuffs can give her the look she's been asking for without being forced into an earring she doesn't too care for.  I picked Marbella Paris' Ear Cuff Tropézienne, its so simple yet beautiful at the same time she can wear this earring whenever she wants. It may possibly be her signature piece.

Thanks so much for tuning in week 31 of #AccessoriesThatThrill Mikara. If you would like to keep up with the newest accessories, tune into my IG @MoreMikara every Tuesday’s and Thursday’s for the new post. Until next time…

XOX- Mikara