#AccessoriesThatThrill Mikara -Week 32


Hey there ! Welcome to week 32 of #Accessories that thrill Mikara - if you are just now tuning in, I post new accessories on my IG @MoreMikara every Tuesday & Thursday and recap on my blog the following week. I had an array of accessories this go around, and I wanted to include my next possible purchase. So let's get this accessory party started...


Haven't been spoiling myself lately since I've been making some huge life changes but we need to from time to time right?! Being that Miami has two seasons - summer and spring , the summer weather is on its way. The temperature and humidity is starting to pick up and my shades need to pop off just like my earrings. Since I have no hair (and very proud about it) , my signature look is having bold statement accessories that goes well with my persona. I spotted this brand via IG randomly since I spotted a model I was familiar with and started viewing the collections.

There's of good sleek and fashion forward pieces but the one I think would look great with my signature look (since I always have flamboyant earrings on majority of the time) is the Empire in silver.

Excited to receive these sunglasses and let you guys see how they look on me via IG :) .

Mad Rabbit Kicking Tiger

I recently received an inquiry on a new client that had a skateboard vibe going on and I was up for the challenge since I was use to suit and tie kind of guys. So for this particular request , (he was aware of my accessory obsession) he wanted to me re-build his backpack collection. Looking at his current collection, I knew I wanted to spruce some things up.


Mad Rabbit Kicking Tiger

's Stanley backpack was a plus for his look but the color option were even more of a bonus, since they can go with a lot of his wardrobe. And I'm glad he's happy with this brand.


Not too many people are into long necklaces since chokers have taken over the trending scene of fashion this past year. But this particular client has always loved long necklaces. Looking through her collection, I wanted to shaken things upand by doing that I wanted to look for something authentic, modern and playful.

The brand I selected for her is Klaylife- the beads are really made of clay and dyed into colors. In the images above you can see the ways you can wear the necklace : long or doubled up.


Traveling can be fun yet annoying when it comes to packing. For my tech savvy client who has a lot of wires and IDs to carry on his business trips he wanted to travel in style but convenient. I checked out the items he needed to bring and narrowed down what would be best for his needs.

I thought this brand, Stow, nailed the needs my client requested without being overboard on departments. This brand 4 color options available.

Thanks so much for tuning in week 32 of #AccessoriesThatThrill Mikara. If you would like to keep up with the newest accessories, tune into my IG @MoreMikara every Tuesday’s and Thursday’s for the new post. Until next time...

xox - MIKARA