#AccessoriesThatThrill Mikara - Week 35


Its another wonderful week of Accessories That Thrill Mikara -week 35 recap! Thanks for tuning into this week, I had a lot fun getting to know some new clients and still sharpening my personal styling skills (you're never too good to learn something new and interesting). Let's get started for last week's accessories:



Hair ...... something I don't allow to define my presences as a woman or my beauty. But my new client, is hair over heels about her hair and if it isn't right, everything else isn't! I've been out the hair loop since 2006 (when I first cut my hair off) - but since its an accessory, you should know by now, I will find away to make it work. She wanted to find a dainty yet striking hair accessory for her brides maids and was having a hard time finding something that was her caliber without dimming down the look of her wedding.

After reviewing her own personal style, she likes things simple with a splash of gaudy bling on her. Which isn't too outrageous so I brought to her attention Epona Valley's Copa Medium Comb. This comb is very elegant is fulfills all her  needs and wants she inquired for her bridesmaids.


#TuesdayShoeDay for my male client shopping adventure and Easter Sunday was the day he wanted to show up and show out with his flyness. He has trouble finding shoes due to his shoe size, but that shouldn't be a problem when you have a personal stylist/shopper right?

With his urgency, we went right to Magnanni's Loafer shoes that had his shoe size in stock and was about to deliver it in time for his church service Easter Sunday.


A little bit of sassy- ness needed in your footwear is needed every so often right? My female client was on a closet spring cleaning and wanted to step her shoe game up since she is a shoe fantastic. After a lot of changes in her life, she finally feel comfortable in her pockets to get things she wants and needs without feeing bad.

Hearing her story, and seeing the future shoe wanted - I wanted her to go out with a slight BANG. I selected the Cydwoq Shoes that has a different feel from shoes you have in stores; the scandal is not too much but it has a good shape to it that's distinctive from your normal shoe. From this shoe, I want to elevate her shoe collection to a very eclectic closet with 2-3 reg shoes. We're very excited for the shoes to arrive.


There's something about a man... a grown man sporting a good genuine briefcase. He just lets me know he's about to get into his business sh*t  the old school way - and there's nothing wrong with that since technology does go down every once and a while.

Keeping his swagger in tack - I had to go with BOSCA' s genuine leather briefcase. This bag has a lot of room for his documents a long with a laptop or tablet (if he has one).

Thanks so much for tuning in week 35 of #AccessoriesThatThrill Mikara. If you would like to keep up with the newest accessories, tune into my IG @MoreMikara every Tuesday’s and Thursday’s for the new post. Until next time… and be sure to


xox, Mikara