Accessories That Thrill Mikara - Week 6


Here we are again, another wonderful week of #AccessoriesThatThrill recap. Thanks for tuning in and an extra big thanks to those who follow me on IG (@MoreMikara) when I post the accessories every Tuesdays & Thursdays. Let's get to the accessory talk…

Since I have ventured into the bridal fashion industry, I had the pleasure of connecting with people attending wedding or apart of the bridal party; one guest attending a wedding next month asked me to help her look AMAZING - since she doesn't have a date. An idea came to my mind and she was open to it. I don't experience this so, I said why don't you have a very playful yet flirt hair accessory - and she LOVED the concept. If you seen me lately, I went back to being bald - my typical look, the buzz cut. I'm not too much into hair accessories because hair is really not my "thing" but I do keep it in mind for any of my clients. I started searching for hair accessories and was not finding anything alluring. SO when I was on Facebook I saw a post of Black-Owned business you should be following on Etsy, and Flowers From Fatima was one of the brands. I browsed through the collection and this teal blue was actually the color I had in mind for her to wear. Once I gathered some dresses and showed her the 3 - Teal Blossom Bobbies, she was sooooo thrilled about this item, I think she loved all of the products on the site. I had to share, especially to all of the hair enthusiast.

If you want to see more of  Flowers From Fatima.

Retail Price: $15.00 (for 3 bobbie pins)


If you haven't noticed, color combinations, and bold colors is my thing! My male clients loves my eye for it and also loves the attention he is getting. I found this bad boy lurking on Instagram, King Kravate products are mainly suiting wear (necktie, bowtie, lapels,tie clips and pocket square). He ALL about making a statement and I was positively sure the Apache Loafer would satisfy his needs and it certainly will (when it arrives)

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-xo  Mikara Reid