Accessories That Thrill Mikara - Week 9

Here we are - week 9 for #AccessoriesThatThrill. Thank you guys for sticking with me on my stories about accessories. If you're just tuning in - I share new accessories  every Tuesday and Thursday; recap on Mondays and if you voted, I post the winning brands on Tuesday. Let's get the sharin'....

You know, I haven't done a post about a ring. So I decided to do one with a ring. I'm not really a ring-wearer, I'll wear it for a couple of hours for the "look" and then I'll take it off lol. I do LOVE this ring, it is very posh.

Check out more of the rings, iloniti .

Retail price: $125


  • Center element : 73 mm x 30 mm,2.90" x 1.15"
  • Can be adjust to any size
  • Extra Thick 14 Gold plating over brass


"Fuchsia... where can I find a fuchsia fedora hat Mikara?!" Well , first and foremost I'm glad you reached out to me on being your personal shopper, but I am your GAL. I have a couple of brand on my Rolodex , so I went straight to it and went to see if they had anymore color options and YES  the first option did. Agnoulita Hats  has the light violet with a 3inch brim, its not quiet fuchsia but since she is going for the monochrome look it still can go; it actually looks more alluring with the wardrobe. I am super excited for the hat to arrive to pull this look together.

Retail Price: $97.50


  • Delivered in hat box (retail only)
  • Pure rayon satin lining in the inside for extra insulation
  • 1 1/2" cotton/rayon grosgrain ribbon hat band as shown or in any color you like

Its been mighty sunny here in Dallas, Texas and my male client wanted to add a simple hat to avoid the sun. We went for a color that goes with everything, black. This brim is a little bit more wider, it is 3 1/2 wide brim that is curved up. This hat will def block the sun from his face in a more stylish way. The normalcy in Texas is cowboy boots and hats and he wanted to shy away from that and continue on looking chic.

Want to check out more hats, check out more of Agnoulita Hats

Retail Price: $69.50


  • 3 1/2" raw edged stiff flat brim
  • Genuine leather sweatband
  • Pure wool felt (130 gr) on the outside
  • Matching 1 1/16" grosgrain ribbon hat band

Which brand's accessory is your favorite for week 9?

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