Accessories ThatThrill Mikara - Week 25

I'm so thankful to have people tuned in to my accesorry story-telling, #AccessoriesThaThrill Mikara #thepersonalstylist every week. I've always had an addiction for accessories since I was in high school and it just spiraled out of control once I became an adult with a strong sense for fashion. Now that I have evolved into a professional stylist, I can really feel comfortable in my comfort zone by expressing my love for accessories (aka the spice/seasoning to your wardrobe). This will be the last recap week of 2016 and the last week of December I will be recapping my favorite and your favorite. Here are the final 2 accessories until the new year 2017...

I have been really into heawraps lately - I dont know what it is about them but they have been my go to accessories since I feel like hats are a bit of a hasel at times with the strong wind in South Florida. With headwraps, they are securely on my head and create a very fun and witty look without even trying. While I was putting together my last photoshoot for my website's new images, I thought of having the headwrap look as one of the looks; it was kind of last minute but I know I can make something happen. I reached out to the brand The Wrap Life to see if I can get Dahia sent to me express but due to the deliveries backed up from Thanksgiving/Black Friday holiday it was not going to make it in time of my photoshoot. So I decided to go to a fabric store in Miami and make a headwrap out of that. I just so happen to find a random store while walking to another fabric store that carries dashiki fabric in 5 variety colors - this store made me feel super excited again since I found an alternative for the look I had in my head. Every though I did not get a chance to actually get Dahia from The Wrap Life, I do plan to order this headwrap in the near future and wanted to share this brand to my following.

Retail Price: $25.00

The Wrap Life - Dahia

I have been getting a lot of clients for the holiday season.  A lot of them are not accessory kind of people but this one new client, was very open and intrigued by my style, he was ready for whatever I presented to him. Once I got to know him and his comfort level, I suggested for him to show up at his job's Christmas party with a bowtie - but not just any bowtie. He always dressed in a necktie, no matter what the occassion is, the only group of people who seen him without a tie is family members and very close friends ; and he wanted to change that. So, I started my research and found this brand, The Two Guys Bowtie's Fedora & Floyd .

There was two different type of sets for this bowtie option but I wanted to go against the gain and select this set for his new grand appearance at his job's Christmas party. For this set, he can dress it up and dress it down but still preserve his fashion-forward element about him. He loved this brand overall merchandise, he may be ordering some more items on his own ; which I'm glad I was about to introduce him to something new and refreshing to his collection.

Retail Price: $235.00

The Two Guys BowTie's

Thank you for sticking through 25 weeks of my accessory story telling, I hope you loved the accessories I have shared with you in the past and found them useful someway or possibly in the near future. If you follow me on IG @MoreMikara , you can see me wear some of the accessories I have posted. Special  special thanks to Hecho En Harlem Jewelry, those beauties I have been lusting over will def be making its appearance on my website relaunch on 12.16.16 - I can not wait! Thanks again, #AccessoriesThatThrill Mikara will finish out this year with a recap/favorite of the year and then will be starting back up the second week of Jan 2017 with a refreshing look. See you guys in 2017 - until then check me out on IG @MoreMikara