Are you a Fashion Follower ?

Juggling work, life, love/interest life, social life and dreams is one thing but keeping up the fashion trends is a whole different ball game. Some individuals, such as myself, have that special gift of revamping a look over and over again to stay in style but others, its not so easy for them. Which is okay, everyone is not meant to be a fashion maven which is the beauty about seeing other people styles. I actually get influenced by people who dress less dramatic or flamboyant than I do whether they know it or not - and I personally thank you...

What exactly is a Fashion Follower ?

A Fashion Follower is someone who admires the art of fashion and that individuals wearing it but does not have the courage to wear it. Notice how I put emphasis in THAT because the mass is not wearing it for them have a good vision of it on (either with someone in their body type or just to see the reactions of others). Fashion Followers tend to get influenced by actual humans wear the new look verses magazines, mannequins in stores, designers or celebrities (the most influential source !).  The personal clients I have that are Fashion Followers, rather see someone with their body type or skin tone over someone who looks nothing like them. They've informed me they have a better sense of how they would look and it also gives them motivation to at least try it on in public ( unless I was there - we are going to have some FUN). They then buy at a point of popularity that is close to a new trend arriving.

My style advice to Fashion Followers - If you truly have a love for fashion, comes to terms with what your doing wrong. Are you waiting for a everyone else's reaction ? Are you looking to see how it looking on someone with a similar body type or skin type? The first thing you NEED to have in being fashionable is CONFIDENCE. Without self-confidence, fashion just wont work or be believable to others. Here is a post I did titles How To Find Your Personal Style & Confidence and that will be the start of your fashion journey. Another suggestion I would say is getting a friend with a similar body type or skin color, and plan a day of you two or three in stores trying on that new trend. Make sure you come out the fitting room so people can see. Get input from the bystanders (not from the salesperson) and your friends - put on a show for them, and take those selfies/usies  ! If your not sure about it, you can easily take it off and go back to the store to try it on again to build that confidence level up. Remember the mirror is also your friend too !

It's all a process, some people have the gift of fashion and some don't. But you don't have to be follower or afraid of fashion either!

Is this something you do ?Do you consider yourself a Fashion Follower? I would to hear your opinions on being a fashion follower and some of the reasons why you are one. Until next time....

-xox, MIKARA
FASHIONMikara Reid