Fashion Guide to 2017 Women’s Spring Trends


Supersized accessories

Can’t get enough of accessories? No worries! For 2017, accessories will have you making a bigger statement than 2016. Here’s what to except for the spring season: XXL bags/totes, Flatform Shoes, Long, Navel-grazing Necklaces and Over-the-top Earrings.

80’s fashion

Farewell 70’s fashion and hello to 80’s fashion! Get to know the looks that will get the spotlight from this decade : dramatic ruffles, puffed-up sleeves and one shoulder shirts/jumpsuits.

Bright, vibrant stripes

 These stripes won’t be your typical nautical stripes you’re use to; the trend is set to have broad bands to skinny hypnotic stripes in every color you can think of.


When fashion-wear meets active-wear, it creates a skin-skimming look that outlines every curve in a woman’s body while still maintaining your chic-ness.

The Utlitarianism Style

Military-inspired clothing has always been around but in 2017, designers decided to reinvent the look with oversize cargo pockets, boxy shaped pants and ripstops equipped with drawstring cords and toggles.

If you’re still not over the 2016 fashion trends, don’t feel too bad; bralettes, statement tees and oversized button-up shirts are still a trend for Spring 2017 but with a little more edge added to it.

FASHIONMikara Reid