Kick Start Your Image with these 5 Q's


1.] Who are you? :

Are you able to look yourself in the mirror and answer that question with confidence? This is the ultimate starter question I ask my private clients and fashion projects, so I can gauge where to go from there. Without the foundation, the root of you, it won't be easy to cater a look to your persona.

2.] What image are you going for? :

Once you define, "Who You Are", the next step is finding inspiration. Everyone is inspired by someone or something; one day I can be inspired by a homeless person, the way they wrapped their scarf, just so he can keep warm, or I see a celebrity wearing something I love - inspiration is everywhere! Having images to create a mood board or, if you’re visual like me, a great photographic memory, will narrow down to some clothing choices instead of picking random items.

3.] Why are you going for this look? :

Now that you have some inspiration and an idea of what you would like to look like, "Why are you going for this look?" Being certain about your body and what flatters you is what makes your confidence level go up. Confidence, to me, makes up 65% of style; the rest is wardrobe and if your confidence isn't there, everyone else will notice! If you answer this question with elements that flatter you, then let's go for this look! If not, go back to step two and work on your vision board for a look that’s more suitable to you.

4.] Where are you shopping? :

The hardest parts are out the way - so now it's time to know, "Where are you shopping?" Shopping nowadays is A LOT easier than 5-10 years ago; there are apps, social media and shopping in the palm of your hand. But, if you want to play it safe, you can still go into a store. Doing your research on the store's website would be the best idea instead of randomly walking into the store blindsided. This will create the "buying unnecessary items" syndrome or will be frustrating to you. Be Prepared & Aware: it goes a long way when dressing.


5.] When is the next outing? :

Are you ready for your audience? Well start preparing: you're putting that look to werk! Knowing where your next outing is will leave you enough time to lay things how you want instead of rushing. Until you get the hang of things, there should be no need to rush. I had a personal client, who was so soft spoken, but she wanted a change in her look - she wanted her style to be the outspoken one. We did these same exact steps, and I decided to go to her Girls Night Out to see her reaction and how she played things off. This woman was def feeling herself, and I couldn't have been any more proud. I didn't let her know I was at the Girls Night Out until she let me know about the reactions she was getting, and now she’s mastered these steps I've provided to her.


How were the reactions from your audience? Were you feelin’ yourself? Were others complimenting? Were you uncomfortable? Taking note of how you were feeling in this look and the admirers will lead you to a fashionable you that you have been looking for. If you didn't like the way you felt, that's fine: take note of what you didn't like and alter it for a better experience next time. Things don't always plan out to what they are in our mind. Some things I envision in my mind don't look good when I try it, I STILL have a trial and error episodes; we're human right?!

I would love to hear feedback from those of you who tried it and don’t be bash on reaching out to me via Instagram, email or commenting. That’s what I’m here for. Until next time, xox


FASHIONMikara Reid