M I K A R A .. the brand

What’s the meaning behind the brand Mikara ?


Upon my re-establishment in the fashion industry, I, Mikara Reid, wanted the Mikara brand to embody some elements that people are left memorable about me… which is beauty, style and confidence building. For my first venture under the enterprise of Mikara, I offer styling services as a Personal Stylist, Shopper and a Creative Director for brands. For the past three years I had been contemplating whether or not I should go full throttle into the fashion world or just stick to what I went to school for ( Nursing and Health Ed Sciences) but I decided to say f — k it and go with my heart; so I moved back to my parents house in NJ with only one purpose (and no distractions), to learn more about the industry.


What better way is it, then going to THE fashion hub in the USA, New York City. I formally studied a little over a year at Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC to sharpen my fashion skills and learn the foundation of the business under some great professors (that are in the industry and well connected in the industry) and that led me to being part of some phenomenal experiences like:
    1. Fashion Show Dresser for Angel Sanchez
    2. 2015 Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade Costume Crew
    3. HUF Magazine Publication
    4. Mercedes Benz Fashion Week F/W 2015
    5. Forbes Magazine Intern
and more came after that ! I’ve been getting a lot of inquiries on whether or not I am a passionate blogger, but I wouldn’t really call myself a passionate blogger. I love to share different brands I come across via my Instagram — if its style-related but I truly LOVE guiding and styling individuals who want to look great with a sense of their personality heavily influenced. That’s where my passion and purpose serves.. but I will be doing blog posts that relates to style and confidence.


I am in the works of being a YouTube personality — this will involve you viewing me on shopping adventures, my daily inspirations on looks and my client’s stories on their before and after style. I have a bit of a different theory on how I go about things such as combining colors or accessorizing. There will certainly be more !
The next venture I am currently developing under the brand Mikara, is connected to the cosmetic industry. I struggled with a flaw starting from the age of 8, and now overcoming that hard time, I have turned that flaw into my greatest asset. In my latest podcast episode, The Mikara Session Podcast Episode 02, I revisited my thoughts and behavior as a young African-American girl from Piscataway, NJ.
Another venture a client of mine has brought to my attention, and makes all the sense in the world as a Personal Stylist, is having an eBoutique. I think that would be a fun yet innovative add-on to my brand since I am a professional Personal Stylist and Shopper, it’ll be like I am dressing the world (in a sense) with my personally selected pieces.


Thanks for reading my blog post about my brand, Mikara. Let me know your thoughts!




Mikara Reid