Men's Style Guide: How to Dress for date nights

Fellas, let's face it - looking stylish is the least of your worries. Better yet, if there were no women on earth, things would be a whole lot different. My male client and I had a very in depth conversation about how guys should look on date night.... not just the first or second one, on all of them. After recapping that conversation, I thought about writing about it... guys really don't know how to look or maintain  the element of style in their wardrobe unless you are guided. Keeping your work clothes on (the khaki pants) is the easy way out and also not flattering to a women's eyes. Don't you want the attention from ladies?! Dressing well is the first step to getting a woman's attention and (if you have a woman) keeping her  interested in your appearance. There's but so much a guy can worry about when it comes to wardrobe. If you could master your style to compliment you, more than the efforts you put into it, will give you a lot of cool brownie points.Here's my style guide list on how men can look stylish on date nights or maybe a start to your stylish journey.

Color is Key


Males are naturally drawn to blues, greens, grays and black; when they were babies, those are the colors they are use to, so its natural for them to have those colors as their comfort colors. Picking a color that compliments your skin tone can go a LONG way - you could just have on a plain crewneck or a V-neck tshirt but with the right color for you, can make all the difference. I recently saw a good friend of mine on Instagram, posting a video of his brand and I paid NO mind to the message he was delivering but that blush pink crewneck he had on did a number on him. I def let him know that color looked good on him. Its a different kind of attention via IG comment vs if I saw him in person he would of appreciated the compliment a little bit more sincere (but then again I am a bit over the time when I see good stylish men in person - that's just being me).

So fellas, COLOR IS KEY . Don't be afraid to step outside your comfort zone, if it doesn't work out try something else or a different shade. Women go through this as well, you just don't notice because women don't have a problem shopping. Women will notice that you tried something new and if looks good on you, you will def get the attention on date nights.
  • My Suggestion on finding that color for you: go to an arts and craft store, Walmart or Target - go by the arts department and place the color paper next to your hand so you can get an idea on how it looks. Once you have an idea of a color, you can go shopping looking for that color family instead of just showing up at the store and going along with the salesperson. I know you don't want to be walking around trying on different things for a long period of time, so the colored paper swatch will be the easiest and quickest way for you to try different colors.

Proper Shoe Game


A lot of women are shoe lovers, me personally - meh, I love my earrings too much and then comes hats. But that doesn't stop me or other women from looking at the male's shoe wear! Having fresh or trendy shoes is a big deal, possibly a deal breaker for a lot of women. It doesn't have to be the most expensive shoes, sneakers or boots but it does need to be up to par.

Maintaining you shoes shows that you are a detailed-oriented person and you have a level of maturity. Some males have a lot of shoes and some don't - that's okay, as along as your shoes go well with your wardrobe it shouldn't be a main focus.
  • My suggestion on proper shoe game: Shoes are very self-explanatory. Just keep them clean and maintained to match your fly-ness....plain and simple.

Access Your Accessories


If you didn't think I was going to say this, you must be a NEW follower ( LOL ) . Accessories are like the seasoning to your wardrobe, they spice things up with very little to add. Males don't have much accessory options, but the ones you have to pick from can make or break your look (just like picking the right color shirt) . Fedora hat with a tshirt, dark jeans and sneakers can add a very sleek look with very little effort. A big face  rose gold watch with a simple white collared shirt and some colorful stripped socks adds character to your look. Having simple article clothing with accessories just adds fun-ness something a girl can appreciate .

  • My Suggestion on men accessorizing: keep it light but have fun with it. You can't go wrong accessorizing your look


If Not Khakis, then what?

Please stay away from khakis!


Please stay away from khakis!


Please stay away from khakis!


Please stay away from khakis!


I can not say this enough. Ugh... its just no appeasing to watch men wear khakis for the most part. Denim is  absolutely fine, especially if worn right; slacks, trousers, chinos, jogger pants, anything but khakis. Khakis to me ( and many other ladies), scream " I just came from work" or " Lazy way out" look. Which is not exciting to look at, and once a male gets look from a woman, the vibe is already set off to a bad start. And you won't want that right? If no, stay away from khaki pants - you'll thank me later!


My suggestion on picking the pants: If you are very unsure, stick with denim. The great thing about denim (plain denim - not denim with holes in it), it can be dressed up with dress shoes or boots or it can be dressed down with sneakers and either way it still can look appealing to a woman's eyes.

Keeping it PRESSED !

Yea, I said! Having your clothes pressed, steamed, ironed - which ever method you use. I can't tell you the number of males I know who don't iron their clothes, they just pop it in the drier. SHAME ON YOU! Take it to the cleaners if you don't want to do it; I would initially tell you to iron it but if you don't want to do it then take it to the cleaners. There's nothing like a man with a pristine shirt, and pants that's iron/pressed out. The drier method just doesn't cut it with us ladies, especially if you are over the age of 25.

  • My Suggestion on a pristine look: Sorry guys, there's just no way out of this one. You guys have less things to worry about when it comes to getting dressed. The wrinkled look can be distracting and a big turn off.


If you haven't noticed, small details matter to women - if you want to be extra that's a whole different arena. I hope this guide was a helpful start on being dressing for date nights. What are your thoughts on my style guide on how to dress for date nights? Comment below or on my Instagram pic ( @MoreMikara) .


Until next time



xox - Mikara
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