When it comes to leading ladies in the forefront of their success businesses, this event couldn’t have had it any other way then selecting these 4 women:

Each of these women built their businesses off of purpose, inspiring the next generation and a void in the market. The creator and moderator of this event, Black to Business presents Ladies who Lead- Women in the forefront  of Entrepreneurship, is designed for black and brown women to gain a level of confidence while getting the resources and connections  needed in their journey of entrepreneurship.

Image by Mikara Reid / Ladies Who Lead

Not all entrepreneurs are full time CEO’s. During this event, panelist She’Neil Johnson, the founder of Base Butter shared with the ladies that she is a part-time CEO. She came to terms that her strengthens are on the creative side and she would rather have an expert work on the logistic and strategy side of things. That statement made me feel relief because I am the exact same way but need to see a visual result for reassurance of my outcome. This gave me a great amount of confidence (if I ever get back in the beauty industry again, this has given me a great boost)  and it should for many other ladies as well.

Image by Mikara Reid / Ladies Who Lead

Another great topic I loved the ladies touched on was the “sister circle” moment. Each of the women were talking about how and where they find support and Angelina of C Suite Coach, initiated having a sister circle while starting a business. This term is not used enough in my opinion and needs to be used in every capacity there is. The sister circle can not only be used professionally but also personally. But since we are talking business, we’ll stay on task. Having a sister circle will not only support you morally, spiritually, and emotionally, but they will and can be your stream of sources to get you where you want to be especially as a start-up company. I never thought of having something like this especially with it being an example of seeing representation that looks like us and have a mindset like you (stated by Mandy of Official Black Wall Street), it provides another source of confidence that a woman needs whether she asks for it or not, it’ll get appreciated at the end.

Image by Mikara Reid / Ladies Who Lead

Over all, the event shared some insightful and encouraging information that lets you know that you are not alone  in feeling the way you feel or the experiences you go through. Every woman has its own unique superpower but there will be a time you need to find balance in self-care for your own sanity, staying connected to your support system (family/friends) and saying no to them while saying yes to your values and legacy!

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Black to Business: Ladies Who Lead