How to find your personal style & confidence


  1.   Understanding You :

    NO ONE... knows YOU better than you. Having that understanding of yourself will help to navigate your style greenprint

  2. Capturing Your Element :

    Once you have your personal greenprint, it’s time to start building around it. It is the ‘It’ factor that makes you YOU, and it is something no one can take from you.

  3. Taking Possession :

    Having full control of your look is part of being stylish. It takes 75% of your confidence ownership & 25% of your wardrobe - confidence plays a major factor in you both looking and feeling good.

  4. The Impression :

    Looking bad is easy but looking GREAT over & over again can be challenging - if you're not a big fashion enthusiast. But maintaining the last 3 steps will get you in a routine that best fits your lifestyle.

    Following these 4 elements  will build a confident regimen that will have feeling better about your appearance and owning your look with very little doubt !