Exclusive Highlights of Lagos Fashion Week AW 2018 | The Zine

 Photography by Femi Alabede - @the.alfe - www.thealfe.com

Photography by Femi Alabede - @the.alfe - www.thealfe.com

Let’s take a trip to Lagos, Nigeria and indulge in the beautiful countries’ culture and fashion! African fashion has not really been on America’s fashion market a lot but with social media making things more presence, we can’t help not to ignore. Outside of me getting connected to a lot of Nigerians in the fashion industry, I’ve been following up with a lot of the Nigerian’s fashion designers and I’m looking forward to possibly connecting or keeping in contact with their trends as well. As the black culture continues to pave their way to the front and breaking barriers in the fashion, the support level between one another should go up from here not when it gets to mainstream/Vogue. I love the boldness, the un-traditional presentation and the blackness that oozes in Lagos Fashion Week 2018; check out the highlights of the #LFDW :

Yutee Rone


Tiffany Amber

Style Temple

Loza Maleombho

Kenneth Ize

Gavim Rajan

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Photography courtesy by  Femi Alabede - @the.alfe -