MUST HAVES - Accessory trends s/s 18

If you haven't noticed my infatuation for accessories via blog, Instagram or spotting me in person, then you would certainly understand why I made this post.

After doing some research on all of the fashion weeks: New York, London, Milan & Paris - I wanted to share with you some accessory trends I will be venturing into for 2018 and maybe the ending of 2017 (we shall see). Check out my selections for the fashion accessories for spring/summer 2018...


Wraps things up a little different in 2018.


Mix, dont match earrings - you'll make a better statement


Making things a little more flatter for your life

Special Specs

Pullin' out that special "umph" to make your look a def statement

Shapeless Bags

Bottomless bags are a women's BFF anyday of the week, month or year

Fanny Pack

80's are back in style and ready to share the chic-ness.

Cool Boots

Getting a little bit more sophisticated with your footwear

Tiny Bags

Keeping things simple and small.


You can NOT go wrong with nylon and gloves for 2018

FASHIONMikara Reid