My Fashion Inspiration


 K E L I S

At the age of 9, I bought my very own cassette at Bradley's (which this store does not existence anymore), and can you guess who it was?! Kelis - I Hate You So Much Right Now (Single). Her sound was very raw ad edgy compared to what was on the air waves at that time but that wasn't the only thing that attracted me to her; it was def her style and aura. I had never seen anyone pull off such a flamboyant look but still look cool at the same time. Everything in the 90's where kind of one matchy or shiny and meh that wasn't my thing - but Kelis' style has always been, from the age of 9 until now! When you check out Kelis' style catalogue from when she first started til now, none of her looks compete with one another - they all have a distinct yet refreshing look that can still be worn today. A lot of  her looks has been duplicated but were kind of watered down - in my personal opinion and I don't think Kelis gets the fashionable credit as she desires. Check out some of my favorite looks Kelis has done in the past:






arrives to the 50th Annual GRAMMY Awards at the Staples Center on February 10, 2008 in Los Angeles, California.

Bold. Eclectic. & Fun is how style/fashion show be and Kelis - to me has shown that.

Reasons why Kelis is my inspiration:

  1. She is not afraid of wearing or using color. She uses colors and patterns before I was even confident enough to know what looks good and what doesn't looks good. During her music prime time, a lot of things were matchy matchy or shiney  - and meeehhh that really wasn't my thing . When she came a long I was very much in awe with her whole imagery and still am. I had the pleasure of meeting her in Dallas, TX as she introduced her Bounty & Full food sauce line at a restaurant, and her style matches her personality; vibrant and upbeat. I immediately felt like this is ME ! I try to match my mood / persona to my style as much as possible so the look can be aligned with my confidence level.
  2. HAIR  - as you can tell, with my bald head (LOL) I am not a fan of hair. BUT with this fashion goddess, she keeps the show talkin! From the big color hair , to the short mushroom cut to the many short hair cuts. I don't even know where to beginning with the trends she started before your favorites are rockin them now.
  3. And last but not least - her CONFIDENCE. Like my prime attitude, where you like it or not -she does not give 2 sh-ts about you like it. As long as she likes it and she's happy with it, she's wearing it. And that's how it should be; don't worry about others  - as long as they are talking that's all you need to worry about.

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Xx -Mikara