The Ladies’ Guide to Celebrating Love While Single on Valentine’s Day, according to Mikara.


Sigh, Valentine’s Day. Why celebrate the day of "love" if you don’t do it the other 364 days of the

year? But for some people, they love the “extra-ness” on February 14.

If you’re single this year and still want some “extra-ness” in your life, I’m here to help you get some ideas to feel sexy AF without a male on this February 14th ! Here are my top 5 options that lifted my spirit when I was single:

1. The Spa Life:

There is nothing more greater than having a spa day in the convenience of your own home. Many professionals offer spa parties or individual mobile services for you to get facials, massages, hair and nail services and with V-day coming up be sure to reserve that day and pamper yourself the way you need to be pampered. If you want the inexpensive route, try doing a bubble bath with essential oils and roses in your bath while drinking some wine and playing some soft subtle instrumental music to step outside of the box ( just in case you hear a song that reminds you of him).

2. Chef it Up, Chef it Up :

Brace yourself, I don’t mean you throwin’ down as the chef in the kitchen but go scout for the many mobile chefs out there in the world. I’ve find using Instagram very useful on finding mobile chefs since I can see the food presentation and interact with their clients just in case I want to investigate more about the chef. And ladies, if pick the right food for you menu, you can definitely put yourself in the right mood all day.

3. Dress to Impress, thyself:

I don’t know about you, but when I have something new and fly on. I feel like no one can tell me otherwise. Having outfits planned out for this day, can boost your pride a bit more than the other days. And if you want to a bit more above and beyond with your new wardrobe, hire a photographer to capture your sense of style.

4. Girls Night Out (with your positive single girls only):

We all have or had those friends who constantly think about their ex’s all the time and it puts a damper on your mood and your trait of thought. So pick the single girls, who have a lot of things going for themselves so you can discuss other things beside N*GGAS all night. Or better yet.....You and your friend(s) pick a topic and record the conversation that day or go live on social media (FB or IG). You are not the only one single and I’m sure there’s other sistas who seek assistance on how to be single on Vday.

5. Netflix & Chill:

This is perfect as well as traditional for an introvert woman. Decorate your place in some red and pink designs, order those movies or tv series, have that food on rotate and chill out in you pj or lingerie. Having a peace of mind, while watching the things you want to watch in the comfort of your own home.

We all go through this phase in life for the better but its needed to make us realize some things about ourselves and prepare our future self for the better. I hope you ladies find this guide useful and try it out not just for Feb 14 but other days to heal time for yourself.

xox, Mikara

ADULTING, Editor PicksMikara Reid