THE LIMELIGHT: Antonia Schreiter

[MIKARA] The designs you create are focused on menswear, what made you decide to get into men's wear instead of womenswear?

[Antonia] I am in love with the traditional menswear tailoring with its fabrics and details. This was always my starting point when I did womenswear before but in the end I felt more free and creative by designing for men with the goal to create a new kind of style in the menswear section.

[MIKARA] How did you get introduced to fashion? And what age were you?

[ANTONIA] When I was 6 I looked into the fashion magazines of my mother. I was so fascinated that I started to dress my little sister with my "creations".

[MIKARA] What was THE one moment you knew you wanted to take fashion design seriously and this was going to be your career?

[ANTONIA] When I started my first sketchbook I just knew it. I was 9.

[MIKARA] Is there a special regimen/inspiration that gets your creative juice flowing?

[ANTONIA] It is the way my grandfather dresses, he is still expressing real traditions of menswear and I love to interprete the old-fashioned style and connect it with the new.

[MIKARA] What is a fashionable man (to you)?

[ANTONIA] A man who is not afraid to dress up a little.

[MIKARA] How would you define fashion?

[ANTONIA] Fashion is our rescue into a colorful almost non-realistic world. It is like art, design or music, it sweetens our life.

[MIKARA] Describe Antonia Schreiter garments in 3-5 words?

[ANTONIA] Playful, colorful, extravagant, urban dandy.

[MIKARA] How has fashion made you express your new dimensions in your brand? Life? Culture? Confidence?

[ANTONIA] I think it is my way to show and express myself. In all my work you will find my experiences, my preferences and my culture. It feels like a way of communication through garments.

[MIKARA] What luxury designer/brand do you admire the most and why?

[ANTONIA] Dries van Noten, I admire his work and I am fascinated that he remains unique and faithful to his designs. I am in love with his colors and prints, they tell such a strong story.

[MIKARA] How do you maintain your brand relevancy to the fashion trends and balance your target customer?

[ANTONIA] I try to be myself, let my creativity go and not to be influenced by all of the trends. You have to be aware of the trends to be contemporay and successfull but I think the most important is to be aware of yourself.

[MIKARA] If there was a celebrity or micro-celebrity that reached out to you that wanted to wear your apparel, who would you want it to be?

[ANTONIA] Eddie Redmayne

[MIKARA] What’s your favorite garment pieces if you had to pick?

[ANTONIA] The coat.

[MIKARA] With self- branding being very now-a-days due to social media, your progress is always documented or searched for. What do want your brand to accomplish in 2 years?

[ANTONIA] I want to become an established brand with an unique style.

[MIKARA] Would you ever venture out to accessories or womenswear?

[ANTONIA] Yes. Womenswear was always important for me too but menswear will remain the main focus.

[MIKARA] In the next 3-5 years, where would you like to see yourself?

[ANTONIA] Being an important part of the fashion industry.

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