THE LIMELIGHT: Bethany Hilton

[MIKARA] What was the moment you knew you wanted to be a fashion designer?

[BETHANY] Growing up, I've always been creative but I think it was around 15/16 when I started creating garments in sewing classes at school.

[MIKARA] What is your process when you create? What gives your inspiration/momentum?

[BETHANY] For my debut collection titled 'Heimweh' (meaning- a longing to travel to a place where you feel at home) I looked at traditional nomadic qualities in a contrast to a modern society. Exploring the time-honored lifestyle, the pulls of life and a new evolution of nomads, driving the urge to re-nature and trust our instinct in, the tech driven world of today. I was Inspired by this way of life, and the idea of how nomadic societies affix possessions to their own body’s and animals when moving. I considered everyday tasks, silhouettes and inanimate objects of the nomadic people to inspire shape and structure whilst acquiring fabric and color inspiration from their authentic surroundings.

[MIKARA] I love the playful patterns you have throughout your collection. What are the aesthetic elements you want to create for your evolving brand?

[BETHANY] For this collection, I developed print and color through exploring a personal meaning to travel and global movement, my print design represents grid mapping throughout my own life, reflecting on a more modern nomadic quality. All the prints are screen printed by hand, and finished with a metallic foil, giving that organic feel to my pieces. I love working with print with in my work, especially screen print as I think it gives a lot of depth to the fabric when you start to layer different designs. There's also so many different techniques within screen print which I wish to explore further. As I develop my brand and new collections, I aim to always to have the 'hand crafted' approach. Whether that be through print or other embellishment techniques.

[MIKARA] How do you define fashion?

[BETHANY] I think that fashion is finding your own individual style and feeling comfortable and confident within it. I also think that, with a large push for sustainability, fashion for me is about creating high quality, timeless, and long lasting products.

[MIKARA] As you continue to build your brand, how do you want your clients to view your clothes?

[BETHANY] I design my clothes with fashion for all in mind, and hope this comes across to clients. My garments are very versatile and open to styling. I want my clothes to be seen as high quality and luxury. I want clients to feel comfortable and confident whilst wearing my collections.

[MIKARA] Describe Bethany Hilton garments in 3-5 words?

[BETHANY] Unique, Timeless, Elegant, Versatile

[MIKARA] What luxury designer/brand do you admire the most and why?

[BETHANY] I absolutely love Celine, I really admire the clean and chic silhouettes combined with the high quality tailoring and fabrics. I admire that everything sent down the catwalk is wearable in its own right as well as working with its outfit in the collection. I aspire that my work will be seen like that. I also love Victoria Beckham and Oscar de la Renta, I think that both portray a classic feminine style with a contemporary edge and play well with classic colors and layering.

[MIKARA] Outside of fashion, do you have any other talents? What do you like to do in your spare time?

[BETHANY] I enjoy travelling, fashion and art exhibitions. I enjoy keeping fit, previously I have competed with swim teams and completed a triathlon.

[MIKARA] In the next 3-5 years, where would you like to see yourself?

[BETHANY] At current, I am looking to develop my brand and showcase my debut collection. I’d love to take up the position of a design assistant in a luxury atelier. Ultimately, I am taking as many opportunities as I can, to develop myself as a designer.


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