The Limelight: Camille Cote

[MIKARA] When did you know you wanted to become a fashion designer?

[CAMILLE] I always knew! According to my mom, at 4 years old I started to draw fashion outfits. At 8 I was selling my creations on the street. I also dressed differently then my schoolmates, I did not fit in.

[MIKARA] Were you always interested in creating accessories/hats?

[CAMILLE] Absolutely not. I always wanted to design clothes and I was not even wearing hats, ironically. The hats came accidentally in my life by an optional course in my fashion design formation. Since then, as a self taught, I worked hard to develop something innovative. I realized that this area was too traditional and not inclusive. That is why I decided to focus on hats.

[MIKARA] What is your favorite part about being a designer? Creating?

[CAMILLE] Creating really is one of my favorite part. Launching my line made me discover the joy of doing business. Being my own boss and deal with people, risks, and many projects at the same time is something that I enjoy everyday. I love to see that our products makes women happy and beautiful. Making something different for people who feel different and who don’t recognize themselves in the actual fashion industry - I’d say this is truly my favorite part!

[MIKARA] How has fashion made you express your new dimensions in your brand? LiFE?Confidence?

[CAMILLE] It gives me confidence and affirmation. I feel that fashion is my whole life and without it I could not be myself or even cool.

[MIKARA] What is your definition for fashion?

[CAMILLE] Fashion is the mirror of what we are.

[MIKARA] As you continue to build your brand, how do you want your clients to feel when wearing your hats?

[CAMILLE] I want women to feel strong, beautiful and confident. I also want them to feel free in their movements, comfortable to survive their busy life and never compromise with elegance.

[MIKARA] Describe THE perfect Camille Cote client in 3-5 words?

[CAMILLE] Free, Open-minded, Sexy, Powerful, & Independent.

[MIKARA] Out of all of your products, what would you say is your favorite item to wear and why?

[CAMILLE] I’d say that the Original Cropped Hat is the one that I can’t live without. It is the cut off back brim hat with an integrated elastic. I designed it by a manipulation mistake. Since I never was a hat person, I wear this one because it’s not too big or too heavy, it’s functional and it fits perfectly to my head. It is like a garment!

[MIKARA] What luxury designer/brand do you admire the most and why?

[CAMILLE] Coco Chanel is an icon that I admire, so La Maison Chanel is a luxury brand that I find interesting to follow the evolution. I like that they are able to reach the new generation, millennial and adapt their designs without loosing the Gabrielle Chanel DNA.

[MIKARA] In the next 3-5 years, where would you like to see the brand Camille Cote?

[CAMILLE] I would like to see Cropped Hats™️ everywhere! Hopefully we will distribute in many point of sale on the international scene. And the dream would be to launch a clothing line.

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