The Limelight: Eun Byul Kim


When it comes to meek chic, I would like to connect that to this week's Limelight: Eun Byul Kim. I was introduced to this brand while attending Parson's School Senior thesis fashion show of 2018 and while I was there I looked at the previous designers . Eun Byul was a brand that stood out to me because she is a clothing and accessory designer - anything with accessories involved I'm obsesses already! Check out the Limelight: Eun Byul Kim:

The Limelight: Eunbyul Kim

[MIKARA] The designs you create for your brand range from fashion accessories to fashion womenswear, how do get your inspiration while creating designs?

My inspirations come from everything that I like. The favourite part of designing for me is sharing what I love, by expressing it through design. My favourite movies, music, books, poetry, etc., all becomes my inspiration. Interpreting them in an intriguing way to share with the audience is the fun part.

[MIKARA] When did you know you wanted to take fashion design seriously?

I always loved drawing since I was little. I especially loved drawing figures and creating stories. When I was in High School, I was naturally drawn to the clothes that I was drawing on the illustration figures. It all really began by story telling.

[MIKARA] What is fashion to you? How do you define fashion?

Fashion is a motivation for me. A love-and-hate relationship, that I am trying to make the best out of.

[MIKARA] How would describe the Eun Byul Kim woman in 3 words?
Independent, chic, and dreamy.
[MIKARA] Would you categorize your collection "High-End Fashion" or " Casual Luxury Fashion"?

I see myself more in the High-End Fashion. I really appreciate high quality and craftsmanship that are incorporated into more experimental and dramatic presentation of fashion.

[MIKARA] Is there a favorite thing you love creating more, accessories or clothing?

I truly love creating both accessories and clothing, but I have to say I am more interested in creating clothing. The thinking process of designing clothes in relationship to the body, intrigues and inspires me.

[MIKARA] Is there a celebrity or micro-celebrity you would love to wear your clothing? Who is it?

I love women who are strong, powerful, and independent. It would be amazing to dress Tilda Swinton and Rhianna in my clothes!

[MIKARA] Is there any other special talents/pastime you do outside of fashion designing? (example: singing, yoga etc).

I don't really have any other special talents after I stopped playing instruments after High School. My favourite thing to do during my pastime is to lie down and do nothing. I force myself to go out more often and meet a lot of friends, as meeting people ultimately inspires me.

[MIKARA] Where do you see your brand in 5 years? 10 years?

I see my brand creating a new system in 5-10 years. I see it continuing to collaborate with different artists and creatives, expanding and sharing further ideas. I want my brand to be an experience of collaborative art that engages people. I hope to grow my brand little by little!

[MIKARA] Closing out this discussion: What’s next for the brand Eun Byul Kim?

I still have so much project ideas in mind - small collaborations to begin with. I will continue to create new and beautiful ideas through clothing and accessories. Eventually I would dream of creating a collaborative art space like an exhibition, to incorporate Fashion, Art, and Music!