The Limelight: Qiongxin Kou

[MIKARA] For anyone new to the amazingness that is Qiongxin Kou, how would you describe who you are and your becoming into Qiongxin Kou brand ?

[QIONGXIN] I would say that I'm a fashion psychologist to heal people's mind through my design. The materials and color palette I chose are soft and fresh, and with many detailed hand-stitches involved in the making process, people would feel been so cared and heart-warmed by putting clothes on. To deliver careness is one of my design and branding principles.


MIKARA] How did you get your start as a designer? And how did you know that’s what you wanted to do?

[QIONGXIN] At my age of 11, when I was aware of that I had just made a beautiful wedding gown for my barbie doll, I noticed that I could do it seriously in my life.

[MIKARA] How would you describe your brand in 3 words?

[QIONGXIN] Romantic, fresh, independent.


[MIKARA] How do you define fashion?

[QIONGXIN] An artful way to express emotion.

[MIKARA] So from an artistic approach to fully functional pieces of clothing for women, what does your design process look like?

[QIONGXIN] Sometimes I start from drawing with inspirations, sometimes I inspired by materials firstly and then getting back to sketch. After initial designs, I will play with my materials, doing fabrication things. I am a textile person more than a construction one, I like developing materials and then put those on a neat cut.

[MIKARA] Since you have the title, Designer, are you the Creative Director for Qiongxin Kou as well?


[MIKARA] How much of the business side of things are you involved in?

[QIONGXIN] The most important and urgent business side for me is to put my design into the market right now, either in physical buyer stores or through e-commerce. I'm working on it currently.


[MIKARA] How do you like being in the fashion industry? We're you excepting this kind of feedback being in the industry? And on social media?

[QIONGXIN] I like it very well. It's a very direct, advance and open space for people to develop career through exploring and absorbing many interesting and beautiful things.

[MIKARA] If Qiongxin Kou could have any celebrity or personality as a spokesmodel, who would it be?

[QIONGXIN] Haven't found yet, I like it to be just who she is.


[MIKARA] Outside of fashion, what do you do for fun ?

[QIONGXIN] I learn instrumentals like piano, guitar, or drum set from my friends to release my extra emotion. I also regularly work out to fresh my mind and body, and I love learning different languages, I'm improving my French right now.

[MIKARA] Coming to closure with this interview, what's next for the brand?

[QIONGXIN] To make it to be a real deal, haha!