The Limelight: SUNNY ROSE


On this week's edition of The Limelight, I wanted to share this Nigerian Fashion designer who has been getting a lot of recognition at ARISE Fashion Week in Lagos, Nigeria. I found this brand while doing some research before my trip to Nigeria and was in awe with their body of work and elegance. Here is the interview of SUNNY ROSE:


[Mikara] If you're not familiar with the creative fashion that Nigerian designer and creative director, Maureen of Sunny Rose has created, I want people to get familiar with her brand and background. How would you describe who you are as a designer and your becoming as you were transitioning into a designer?

[Maureen] I am a woman looking for clothes that would reflect how I feel on the inside each and every day. As a designer I try to fill the void, creating a collection that transcends cultures, traditions in a modern stylish way.

[Mikara]Who is the Sunny Rose woman? Describe them in 3-5 words.

[Maureen] The Sunny Rose woman is stylish, confident, timeless, chic and an empowered woman.

[Mikara]What is one of your favorite places to go to, to get inspired? And why?


To the market, no matter which country in the world I am, it invigorates me. Sends my senses through the roof and fills me with an immense pleasure that pours out in my creativity.

[Mikara] If you had to pick, what is your top 3 favorite items as of now?

[Maureen] My top 3 favorite items are, a white shirt, a pair of jeans and an Ankara Jacket.

[Mikara] Outside of fashion, what do you do for fun or relaxation ?

[Maureen] I love massages, good food, going to the cinema and travelling with my family.

[Mikara] Is there a celebrity you want to work with? Who?

[Maureen] yes, Beyonce

[Mikara] If you could pick one celebrity/micro-celebrity to be a spokesperson for your brand in the year 2018 , who would it be? And why?

[Maureen] It would be Adwoa Aboah, this is a young lady with a powerful voice and is using it to speak for the voiceless through her company Gurlstalk. She is empowering women of all ages and walks of life to face their demons head on and come out fighting, she makes us réalisé that we don’t have to fight alone, there is a whole army of women behind you ready to lift you up each and every moment. That’s what Sunny Rose symbolizes, the strength of a woman empowering other women.

[Mikara] I’d like to close things out by observing your career, and wondering whats next for the Sunny Rose?

[Maureen] Sunny Rose is a creative force to be reckoned with. It’s mission is to grow an African fashion power house that empowers communities across the globe. Empowering young women especially to strive to be the best at what they do.

S U N N Y    R O S E