The Limelight: Velika Hartono


[Mikara] I really enjoyed your collection - you have neutral colors but a strong fashion presence. I can see a lot of those pieces in my closet, what inspired you for this collection?

[Velika] This collection is inspired by watching the documentary from Christopher Hitchens that explores Mother Teresa's globally renowned benevolence and what malpractices were occurring during her period of activity.


[Mikara] What is your process when you create? What gives your inspiration/momentum?

[Velika] By watching the documentary, it's giving me a feeling, mood, and emotion through the color, sound, movement. I translate in a term to an artwork to create some new vibration that can put on the design.


[Mikara] What was the moment you knew you wanted to be a fashion designer?

[Velika] As a child, I've always love to do arts. And as I grew up, I started to get interested in matchmaking simple clothing. I have always used it as a drive to become a fashion designer.

[Mikara] What are the aesthetic elements you want to create for your evolving brand?

[Velika] In the process doing my collection, I love to experiment; creating something that interesting like burning, mixing different media, and looking something new and different. So I think this is can be the aesthetic element for my brand.


[Mikara] What is your definition of fashion?

[Velika] For me fashion is an art where it could express one’s feelings and emotional status. Seeking in the diversity and uniqueness of every clothing and expired into one masterpiece which could inspire other people.

[Mikara] As you continue to build your brand, how do you want your clients to view your clothes?

[Velika] I want my clients to see a different perspective when using my brand, I hope they would view my clothing not just merely a clothing, but a fabric with a handful touch of art and feelings, and also hoping they would feel more confident for themselves.


[Mikara] Describe Velika Hartono in 3-5 words?

[Velika] Exploring. Confident. Encouraging.


[Mikara] Outside of fashion, do you have any other talents? What do you like to do in your spare time?

[Velika] Outside of fashion, I love to create art pieces. Sometimes I makes headpieces that I can collaborate with my collection.


[Mikara] In the next 3-5 years, where would you like to see yourself?

[Velika] I am confident that in the next 3-5 years I could see myself building my own brand independently, and being a well known designer in the future.

Velika Hartono