What Attracts You More: Sale or Clearance?

What grabs your attention when you are shopping (whether its intentionally or not), the sale advertisement or the clearance advertisement? As a Personal Stylist/Shopper and a Branding Associate at Express, I am constantly advised about these retail events on any given moment. Before I was heavenly involved with the industry, I was just a frivolous spender that LOVES for my wardrobe to speak fabulous to everyone.

I was terrible with financial literacy since I wasn’t really properly educated on it and when it came to clothes and accessories (not so much of shoes since I have big feet — not too many options for me), I was like a kid in a candy store especially when I saw those “SALE” and “CLEARANCE” signs — I thought I was saving my money, being an “effective shopper” to my pockets “SO TO SPEAK”. But I guess not, because I shop totally different from my early 20’s. I know when you’re in your 20’s majority of us want the labels, the latest and the BEST, but I was slightly different since I came from a one-bread winner family; my father was the only one working due to my mother having an illness called Fibromyalgia. And at that time, it was very unheard of my mom’s illness, so it was hard to treat her. With that being said, I became very in tuned to penny pinching and wearing simple things so I could accessorize the shirt differently (hints to why I’m so huge on accessories). I splurged sometimes but after a couple of times, I saw it wasn’t worth it especially since I only wore is a hand full of times. After being tired of being short pocket from regular priced, sales, and just shopping to please my fashion appetite, I slowly but surely developed the art of sale and clearance and that inner kid inside me disappeared when I saw those marketing signs (thank goodness because I would be in debt and living with my).

As I continue to work with more brands and companies, I started to draw my conclusion, and I allowed myself to be an outsider (as a customer to another retailer or store), I had a way different outlook when I shopped for myself and clients.

Do you have that inner kid in you when you see or hear about Sale or Clearance events? Which one attracts you more if you had to pick one over the other?! I’m definitely a Vintage/Thrift kind of gal but I would go straight to the Clearance section…. And this is WHY…

Do you know the difference between a Sale and Clearance? Let me break it down for you (on my terms):
Sale: A sale item has a reduced price for a temporary time’ sometimes 24 hours, 3 days or a week. It all depends on the marketing department of the company or the designer itself.

Clearance: A clearance item has a reduced priced until the item is gone.

Sound similar right?! Well let me be very straight up with you. When you are in the Clearance section in a store, and you like something there, make sure you GRAB IT and hold on tight. The purpose of clearance is to get rid of the product so they can have room for the new that’s coming in. Clearance items will keep being reduced (if its still there) until it is gone for GOOD. As for Sale, that is just a limited of time, which I personally don’t think it is but we will get into that on another blog post. Sales is to see where the item stands for the brand as it brings in revenue; a lot of the time the big brands, test out the sale tactic to prepare for big event such as Black Friday, Christmas, Forth of July etc.

NOW, which one attracts you now, Clearances or Sales? I am not into following the trends and the over hype of the product so going to the Clearance section(which is usually the back of the store) is not a problem for me to make my look, look good!

Hope you enjoyed my post and was very informed for your next shopping venture!

Mikara ReidPersonal Stylist/Shopper
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